How to enhance your Facebook Fan Page


Facebook is still one of the most popular social network. Just think about it: this social media gathers 1,15 billions users worldwide… and it was recently confirmed that it had 24 million active users in Britain.

That’s why it is more than essential for a brand to have a Facebook fan page. However, a lot of people wonder how to use it properly. Here are some tips that you can use in order to lead your Facebook page and get a better visibility.

  • Publish on your page with frequency… but not too much!

You probably wonder which is the right publication frequency for a Facebook fan page. Here is what we think: because it can make you gaining your fan’s loyalty and commitment, it’s very important to find the happy medium between posting too much and not posting at all. This happy medium could be for example one or two publications a day, which is far enough.

A last thing about that: don’t forget that the content has to be relevant and in accordance with your brand and your own topics.

  • For what kind of content?

You know that the aim is to keep your fans involved. What else than answering their own needs could catch your target? Here is the answer: just publish various content in adequacy with what they are looking for. And in order not to bore your fans, you also keep that in mind: don’t always publish about the same topic !

  • Adapt your Facebook page to your corporate identity.

Why? Because it will reflect your brand identity. For that, the first thing to do is using attractive profile and cover pictures on a suitable format. If you want to know the perfect size for it, here it is : 200*600 pixels size for the profile picture and 851*315 pixels for the cover picture… Now, go for nice ones 😉

  • Keep the communication with your community and jazz up your page

Which place can be better to interact with your community than your fan page? Well, we can say hat it’s one of the best one. So you have to know what are the basics:

  1. To choose the right editorial line
  2. To pay attention to the comments which are posted by your community

Then, just remember this good principle: Avoid any conflict with your community. Keep a good mood and always be polite =)

  • The rest is all about creating commitment on your page

  1. The easier way to begin is posting pictures and videos. Actually, Facebook users love that. If you publish something in adequacy with the identity of your brand, then you will gain many likes!
  2. To interact with your fan, you can also ask them questions. Actually, Facebook users like giving their opinion.

Ex : What do you think about that picture / video ?

Ex : According to you, the item of the year is…

Some examples to use as inspiration

Some famous brands are very effective in the community management of their pages. We are going to give you some famous examples. Don’t worry, even if you are a little company or a startup, you still can use these great examples as inspiration.

  •  Oasis be fruit: in France, this is a very famous brand that is very good at community management and has an excellent online reputation. In few years, the brand become actually the “King of Buzz” on the Internet.
oasis be fruit

“Join us on Facebook”

  •  The brand Oreo is not to be introduced anymore. It is an other example of very good community management on Facebook.
  • The brand Nike is also one of the Kings of community management and has one of the highest rate of commitment on its page… So find out how they enhance their page could be a good tip and help for you.
  • To go even further, we recommand you this excellent article on the blog Mashable called  “12 Top Community Managers Share Their Tips for Better Engagement“. You’ll read interesting community management experiences from Google Doc, Esty, Instagram, and even more.

That’s it! You can be ready to jazz up your Facebook Fan Page and manage your e-community. Above all, do not hesitate to give your opinion about the tips we gave you and to share your individual experiences by posting a comment.