Do you know Real Time Bidding ?

Real Time Bidding

You should have heard at least once about Real Time Bidding (RTB). Nowadays, this quite new trend has become an inavoidable technique in order to buy advertising spaces.

What’s Real Time Bidding ?

Real Time Bidding consist of allocating advertising spaces on the Internet in real time according to bids realised by advertisers or agencies.

The principle of Real Time Bidding has been fisrt popularised by Google throught its commercial links network called « Adwords » in which bids are linked to the keywords used during requests.

The principle of Real Time Bidding is now applied in the area of the pruchase of display advertising spaces on editorial websites without using the Google Adsense Program.

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This technique allows to bide on a targeted advertising space, according to the characteristics of the page (place, topic, dimensions, etc.) and above all according to the web user profile (what did he see before, if he clicked, etc.)

Few datas about Real Time Bidding in 2012

In the begining of month of january 2013, Infectious Media had published an infography called Revue annuelle du Real-Time Bidding en Europe in which it was already possible to find out figures about Real Time Bidding in Europe in 2012 and few expectations for 2013.

Here are few datas about Real Time Bidding in 2012 :

  • Germany is the country with the largest increase of advertising revenue in Europe (+171%, 129 000 000 euros)
  • United Kingdom has the highest income from advertising : 171 000 000 euros)
  • The channels of diffusion are diversifying. For example, in United Kingdom, the number of video adverstisements increased by 14% per month. Mobile is more and more important worldwide : first trimester +8%, second trimester +21% and 3ème trimester +36%.

Real Time Bidding on Facebook

Real Time Bidding is even used on Facebook:

“In June 2012, Facebook took a new approach to its advertising methods with the launch of Facebook Exchange (FBX) ads, its retargeting advertising platform, which allows real time bidding across its ad inventory. These FBX ads has proven successful in their desirable right-side placements, delivering some excellent results by accounting for nearly 28% of all the display impressions in all United States.”


A lot of channels available for Real Time Bidding

And all of this is just the beginning. For some experts, Real Time Bidding is going to move toward other channels. For example, according to Jerry Sandoval, SVP, LiveIntent:

“RTB budget will continue increasing from all channels. The push to mobile, email, and video will increase as the technology develops and more and more people spend the majority of their time away from their desktops.

Tablets, phones with larger screens, and even digital out of home will gain more traction to get users on all screens, in all states of mind, and anywhere they go. Reporting showing proof of awareness and interaction are key for other channels to take a larger percent of ad dollars.”

One example of successful Real Time Bidding campaign: the case of REISS

Reiss is a fashion company that was founded by David Reiss in 1971, “creating directional, design-led menswear, womenswear and accessories”.  On the website of the brand we can read that

“The Reiss customer looks for original and directional design with a strong focus on quality and detail. They expect impeccable service across all channels.”

Last year, the company used Real Time bidding in order to attract quality users to its website and also to measure the cost and value of the new customers. Six month ago, published the case study on their website with that results:

  • A remarkable CPA savings of 63% on the targeted CPA for acquiring new Reiss customers.
  • The campaign achieved on average an additional 200% return on investment when compared with other providers in the campaign plan with campaign investment measured as % of profit generated.
  • The highest click-through rate of all providers in the campaign plan.

To find out more about that campaign, just visit the Performance In website and read the whole case study.

To finish and summarize all that information, just watch this very interesting videos that could helps you in understanding better what is Real Time Bidding and what that technique could bring to your online business: